Pencil Sharpener-Bee *10

Pencil Sharpener-Bee *10


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Pencils need sharpening, and there are plenty of tools on the market to do just this. But what if you had a sharpener that made you smile AND that could sharpen 4 different diameters of pencil

Look no further than the Bee sharpener !

At first glance it looks a bit strange, because one eye is bigger than the other, and the antennae are probably more substantial than you might expect on one of our favourite insects, but there’s a reason for this. The bigger of the two eyes is designed to accommodate the antennae, and makes it possible to sharpen most thicknesses of pencil, from 8mm right up to 16mm. This is what you do:
For an 8mm pencil, use the smaller eye to sharpen.For an 11mm pencil, stick the right antenna into the bigger eye and sharpen.For a 13mm pencil, stick the left antenna into the bigger eye and sharpen.For a 16mm pencil, use the bigger eye to sharpen.

Ingenious, if a little macabre.


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