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Portable pencil sharpener *15

Portable pencil sharpener *15


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Is this the ultimate sharpener At first glance it looks like a pretty ordinary double hole sharpener, but it’s not. It’s designed to give you a very long, sharp point, in two stages, by firstly stripping the wood away from the lead (hole number 1) and then by honing the resulting stick of lead to a needle-sharp 8�� point (hole number 2).

It has a further trick up its sleeve in that if you slide off the blue plastic end-stop (careful – sharp edges!) you can then continue sharpening in hole 2 to expose ever-longer pencil cores.

Constructed from magnesium, the Masterpiece is supplied with two spare blades tucked into the plastic end casing, so when the originals wear out, you can swap the two blades over for longer life (which means thousands of sharpenings with normal pencils). The blades are very hard high-carbon steel, much harder than good kitchen knives, so the sharpener will last for a very long time.

For best results use good quality wood-case pencils. 

Item Material: Metal


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